Saturday, 24 May 2008

And now a public blog

Subtitle: do I really need to do this?

Hello reader! Welcome to YAUB (yet another useless blog). I have decided to join the public blogsphere. The more obvious reasons are that I hope to practice my writing and use this tool to "remember" and "share" stuff (scripta manent, after all). Specifically things that I happen to be doing during my life. About the real motivation, don't ask, I am still looking for it: I suppose it all has to do with the fact that humans are social animals and that they achieve well being by participating to social life and the like. We'll see how it goes...

Actually, I have been publishing posts in a blog in the intranet of my company for few months; now that I am doing the leap I'll migrate my old posts soon so you can enjoy them too. So you'll eventually see posts that are older than this one once I finish my copy and paste job.


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