Sunday, 26 July 2009

The real RestFixture and the copy

I noticed, some time ago, that RestFixture has been implemented on GreenPepper a commercial clone of Fitnesse.
The concept has been taken on board and seamlessly re-implemented to the extent that the developers documentation of the fixture is pretty much identical.
I feel sooo proud!


Anonymous said...

I am testing REST web service, using Rest sampler, when I am running getting error as "The server refused this request because the request entity is in a format not supported by the requested resource for the requested method"
method used to application/xml.
Please let me know how I can post application/xml method

smartrics said...

application/xml refers to the content type. You have to set the HTTP header

content-type: application/xml

on the POST/PUT requests.

this implies that the body of the request is in fact some form of XML

Anonymous said...


I am trying to send content type application/jason, but a later tag sets the content type to application/xml. Is there any way to override it...?

smartrics said...

I am not sure what you mean. Please provide further details.